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We create, cooperate, connect and exchange experiences with partners at the level of implementation, at the national and international level.

Our institute consists of departments and regional units, covering the entire vertical of the education system (from pre-school to primary and secondary level), as well as wider areas within the scope of our work (quality and research, special needs education, professional development). Departments coordinate the development of system solutions, which are then implemented into teaching practice by consultancy subject groups.

Consultancy Subject groups, consisting of subject consultants, take care of the development of syllabi and of the subject-related didactics. They are situated in nine regional units, thus covering the entire country. Their aim is cooperation with in-service teachers and swift responsiveness to the needs of regions.

Through our work we support schools and kindergartens, and encourage them in exchanging examples of good practice, we cooperate with the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, we connect with institutions of tertiary education and other public institutions, and act as partners in international networks and organizations.