Travel Information and Hotels

1. For holders of diplomatic passports, visa requests should be made at the Consulate at least 10 days before the date of departure.
2. In order to obtain a visa valid for the Schengen area, requests should be made at the Consulate at least 1 month before the date of departure.
Visa Requirements

Transfer between the Ljubljana airport, the hotels in Bled and the Brdo Congress Centre will be arranged by the conference organization team for participant arriving on May 24 or 25 and in departure for those leaving on May 26 and in the morning of May 27.

For connections between Ljubljana airport and Bled or Brdo outside the times indicated above, taxi is probably the best solution. You can also consult for other means of transport.

Direction - Brdo Castle, Slovenia

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Direction - Bled, Slovenia

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Accomodation (single rooms) have been booked in the following Hotels in Bled. Reservations will be made by the organization team and the participants informed about the choice. Where the accommodation cost is not covered by the host or sponzors, the government representative will be charged, as a rule.

Hotel Park
    single room: 125 EUR/night
   double room: 150 EUR/night
Hotel Savica
    single room: 100 EUR/night
   double room: 116 EUR/night
Hotel Astoria
    single room: 109 EUR/night ****
   double room:   79 EUR/night ***