It’s a time of questions …

The recent conceptual restructuring of the education system has radically re-shaped the public education system at the pre-university level and given The National Education Institute of The Republic of Slovenia a new role with new professional challenges.

The National Education Institute has become an important partner in the circles of all those who have been conceptualizing education and has undertaken a visible role in the processes of implementing and monitoring innovative programs and practices in kindergartens, schools and student dormitories. With planned and well grounded reflection, it strives to achieve the goals set by the reform – increase the accessibility of education for everyone, open up the education system globally and ensure the highest possible degree of quality in education. Its final goal is to mould well educated people, open minded and capable of forming critical yet objective judgements, who will be able to integrate successfully into the modern world.

At The National Education Institute we plan, test, develop and implement new elements together with the professional staff and heads at kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions. We can dynamically connect to their daily work and lives through a branched-out network of regional units. In this way, we have opened up effective channels for decentralized activities and enabled stronger ties with each educational institution.

In co-operation with experts from different areas and from different countries along with the professional staff at educational institutions, we are going to continue with the further development of curriculum solutions, with the development of up-to-date forms of the organisation and performance of both teaching and learning, and with the education and training of professionals within the education system. With collective efforts we are going to seek, work out and implement solutions which shall connect the Slovenian education system even more effectively with Europe.

The Institute in the past, the present and the future ...

During its fifty years of existence, The National Education Institute has always had a significant role in the shaping of the Slovenian education system at the pre-university level; it was in charge of introducing changes in the education system and exercised supervision over the work of educational institutions. With the new legislation, with which the supervising function of the Institute had been extinguished, new opportunities for better team co-operation with kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions have been implemented along with the shaping of a more flexible program-project forms of activity.

Since 2000, The National Education Institute has become an important factor in the education system’s restructuring process. Together with others it has devised new curriculum solutions, developed methods for the successful transfer of modifications into the education system and devised a plan for accompanying the curriculum or programs and new elements into practice. A great deal of additional education and training of professional staff at kindergartens and schools was necessary and will be necessary in the future as well. The Institute carries this out in the form of seminars, symposiums, specialized conferences and, most of all, through workshops and study meetings of teachers and other educators within the framework of a vast network of kindergartens and schools. The Institute is also strengthening its activities in the international framework as it desires to assert itself at the world level as a reputable professional institution in the area of education. Within the framework of these activities, tasks connected to the internationalisation of the Slovenian education system at the content and realisation levels have been in the forefront in recent times. This means systematically integrating European and global dimensions into teaching programs and systematically stimulating active forms of work. It also means systematically linking our schools with schools abroad based on international exchange programs, which have in some instances already become part of the mandatory curriculum, e. g. European Classes in the gymnasium program.

Making room for many ideas …
- We would like to become a place for triggering and testing ideas in the area of education.
- We actively monitor key developmental currents and want to become a reliable source of professional groundwork for pedagogical work.
- We are firmly grounded in the educational system network, European professional currents and with the professional public.
- We verify our work by operating in the education system.

… and we have one goal
We stimulate changes and modifications for an optimal operation of kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions.

Our partners and co-workers are
- Professional staff in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, student dormitories and other educational institutions
- The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
- The National Examination Centre, The Centre for Vocational Education and other public institutes linked with education
- Council of The Republic of Slovenia for General Education, Council of The Republic of Slovenia for Vocational and Professional Education, Council of The Republic of Slovenia for Adult Education and other professional bodies.
- Higher education institutions, research organisations and other professional institutions in the area of education.
Indirectly, all our work is intended for pre-school children, pupils, students, parents and the public.

What we do
- We perform research and development tasks and, by linking theory and practice, form conceptual solutions.
- We implement projects, defined by the directives and demands of the national curricular reform on one hand and by internationally recognized pedagogical approaches on the other. Teachers and other educatoirs as well as educational professionals from faculties and research organisations are participating in these projects. The results are used directly in education. The further education and training of professional staff is carried out for the introduction of new solutions.
- We provide regular training for professional staff by publishing professional books and journals, through seminars, conferences, mentor networks for kindergartens and schools, study groups, consulting, different projects and other activities.

- We prepare professional groundwork for decision-making in education.
- We prepare proposals for educational programs requested by professional councils and state bodies. We also formulate other professional material necessary.
- We monitor and evaluate pedagogical practice, especially the introduction of new programs or program elements, and publish relevant data about the educational activities of kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions.
- We actively link ourselves with research and development institutions and educational institutions that deal with pedagogical work at home and abroad.
- We take care of being recognized in the eyes of the professional and general public.

The Institute’s numbers
- It has more than 200 employees with more than 80% possessing higher education (amongst them 25% have their Masters or PhD.)
- It is associated with approximately 300 kindergartens, 450 primary and 160 secondary schools.
- It carries out more than 250 different seminars, which are attended by more than 12000 people.
- 20000 to 25000 educators and teachers cooperate within the mentor networks at kindergartens and schools including different educational conferences.
- It publishes 11 professional journals and 60 other publications yearly.
- It prepares an expert evaluation for over 300 textbooks yearly.
- It has been cooperating in 15 -20 international projects; more than 50 advisers actively cooperate at international conferences, symposiums and consultations.

Where are we located?
The head office of The National Education Institute of The Republic of Slovenia is located on Poljanska 28 in Ljubljana with 9 regional branches in:

- Ljubljana, Parmova 33
- Kranj, Stritarjeva 8
- Celje, Cankarjeva 1
- Slovenj Gradec, Meškova 2
- Maribor, Trg Revolucije 7
- Murska Sobota, Slomškova 33
- Novo Mesto, Novi Trg 5
- Nova Gorica, Erjavčeva 2
- Koper, Cankarjeva 5

The regional branches have a key role in recognizing regional particularities and the development of traditional forms of co-operation with the environment.


- Pre-school education
- Primary school education
- Secondary school education


- We link theory and practice for the further development of curricular solutions
- We provide professional groundwork for decision-making within the education system
- We give advice and consultation to professional staff in education
- We design and perform programs to further professional development of educators
- We co-operate with kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, higher education institutes, research organisations and other partners at home and abroad


- Seminars, study groups, mentor networks
- Consultation, project work
- Thematic conferences
- Symposiums and professional conferences
- Multiplicator training
- Professional publications

Zavod RS za šolstvo / The National Education Institute
Poljanska 28
1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: + 386 1 300 51 00
Fax: + 386 1 300 51 99

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